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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Lions Shock Cowboys With An 80-Yard Drive In Less Than A Minute

With 1:03 left in the fourth, Calvin Johnson had accrued 290 receiving yards, sixth-best in NFL history, but the Lions were still losing 30-24. Over the next minute, a ridiculous game would get even more ridiculous, with Detroit engineering an 80-yard drive to shock the Cowboys in the most entertaining finish of the season.


You can watch the video of the drive above. Stafford gets to work at Detroit's 20, slinging a 17-yard pass to Johnson. With no timeouts left, the Lions spike the ball to stop the clock. On second down, with an empty backfield, Stafford throws a perfect ball to Kris Durham, a Lions receiver who is not Calvin Johnson. The reception goes for 40 yards and Durham gets knocked out of bounds to stop the clock. Stafford goes back to Megatron for 22 yards, with Johnson's knee coming down just before he was hit into the end zone.

Instead of debating or reviewing Megatron's non-TD catch, the Lions quickly get to the one-yard line, and Stafford, instead of spiking again, shrewdly improvises a dive over his unsuspecting offensive line to the tie the game with 12 seconds remaining. David Akers's extra point gives the Lions the lead and the win. Johnson finishes with 329 yards, second-best in NFL history, and the Cowboys' sideline turns into a dinner-theater production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Great game.