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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

List: Every Synonym For "Pass" That Rifled Out Of Doc Emrick's Mouth

Illustration for article titled List: Every Synonym For Pass That Rifled Out Of Doc Emricks Mouth

According to Harrison Mooney over at Yahoo!, this is a list of every single instance of Mike "Doc" Emrick turning the word "pass" into some other word that could be interpreted to mean "pass" given the context from Saturday night's Game 2. It is a long list.


It borders on suicide-by-inciting-the-internet but, here: this is a bit much. Enthusiasm for your sport and all that is great and Doc certainly has a way of vividly describing game action, but what in the wide world of sports does "soccered it" mean? Imagine watching a hypothetical Game 2 with your young, blind and new-to-hockey child who just heard that Tyler Seguin soccered it over to to Daniel Paille. His or her head is going to explode from confusion while doing the math that soccer is a sport where the players primarily kick a large ball around and maybe...did Seguin kick it over to Paille when he passed—ohh, passed!—it to him? Think of the young, blind and new-to-hockey children, Doc.


Now, whoever did this, please do it with the even more versatile "_____s one!" Emrick rubric for Game 3.

Update: It's actually from Game 1, according to a redditor, so the headline has been fixed. Also, I've just been alerted by a commenter that Doc once used "Shillelaghed" as a stand-in for pass. Drop in some more of Doc's greatest hits that you don't find on this list.


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