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Listen To Patriots' And Seahawks' Reactions To Game-Ending Interception

We saw pieces of this yesterday—Pete Carroll's dismay and Tom Brady's screeching—but here's a fuller picture of the on-field reactions to Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl-winning interception, captured by NFL Films' microphones for "SoundFX."

Things to notice, to treasure, and to overanalyze:

  • 0:04 Patriots assistants change packages, sending in a third corner to match up with Seattle's three-WR look. "Malcolm, go!"
  • 0:44 Chandler Jones's incoherent hollering, followed by tears.
  • 0:57 A bawling Malcolm Butler. "Hey man," Jones tells him. "You just won us the Super Bowl."
  • 1:11 An enigmatic smirk from Marshawn Lynch as he returns to the sideline.
  • 1:18 Russell Wilson tries to explain to Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell what happened. To Carroll, he sure seems to say, "Man, we should have ca—" before trailing off.

I will never tire of watching, breaking down, or learning more detail about this play.

[NFL Films]

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