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Most people think of the 1896 Olympics in Athens simply as the first Olympiad. Some people think of the 1896 Olympics in Athens as a shining beacon of nude recreation. Like? The American Association for Nude Recreation. Obviously.

On Friday, the AANR filed a press release informing the whole entire clothed world of a so-called "Olympic moment" worth commemorating. The primary document — which, I can only hope, was a dispatch from Nakation, just for authenticity's sake:

FROM: AANR PR Personage
TO: Sleuthy tipster
SUBJECT: Olympic Trivia

With the Vancouver Olympics just two weeks away, members of the American Association for Nude Recreation believe it's time to take a fresh look at the robust ways of the ancient Greeks, who performed feats of strength and skill during the first Olympics. And, to point out that the first Olympics was the earliest documented form of, you guessed it, nude recreation. In the ancient city of Olympia, the site of these first Olympics, the athletes always competed in the nude. In fact, in Greek, "gymnos" means "nude."

This Olympic moment has been brought to you by the American Association for Nude Recreation, the credible voice of reason on issues relevant to nude recreation and Nakationing in appropriate settings, serving more than 213,000 individuals who enjoy clothes-free and clothing-optional recreation throughout North America. For further information on nude recreation and the association's affiliated clubs, contact AANR at 1-800-TRY-NUDE or visit the association's Web site at


Crazy, right? I had no idea the Olympics were in two weeks.

[Pic via LIFE]


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