Little League President Will Hold Breath Until Yankees Give Him More Cash

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We knew it would be fun having Staten Island as a representative in the Little League World Series, and indeed, they haven't disappointed. First, the team had a, um, colorful game in pool play on Sunday, which ended with a slap. Then today we learn that Staten Island Little League president Bob Johnson ripped New York Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner — and Alex Rodriguez, of course — for not doing enough in financially supporting the Little League team. Steinbrenner donated $5,000 to the league to help parents with transportation costs, etc., but that wasn't nearly enough, according to Johnson:

For Steinbrenner, $5,000 is throwing dollar bills in the air. Everything counts, don't get me wrong, but it's disappointing. And A-Rod, he plays $1,000 a hand in poker, he might as well throw $1,000 in our dugout. I don't want Steinbrenner's money. I want A-Rod's money. He's making $20 million a year.

It's just as well. From what we know of the Staten Island kids, they'd just blow the extra money on booze and cigars. The team plays what will most likely be their last game today.

Oh, and Johnson had also tried to get the Mets to fork over a little cash. One can probably guess what happened there ... they never got back to him.

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