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Live Blog: Portugal Vs. Mexico

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It's bright and early today, perfect for a particularly rocking soccer game. (Match. Pitch. Whatever.) This one, similar to the Germany-Ecuador game yesterday, could be for the top seed in the next round, though Mexico hasn't nailed down their spot just yet.

So, yeah: It's Mexico vs. Portugal, with all kinds of activity going on. Mexico is the U.S.'s big rival, but we're not sure if that means you should root for them now, or not.


Your live-blogger for this one is John Bolster, who has live-blogged with us before. (He's famously the sports editor for Penthouse.) So let us know what you think, play along in the comments and let's try to keep it clean out there.

Thanks a lot, folks. The disrobing has begun here in the Lounge, and I gotta go. See you next week for the quarterfinals!

It's official: Mexico is through as Angola finishes tied with Iran, 1-1. Mexico gets second in the group and will play the winner of the Argentina-Holland group, while Portugal gets the runner-up.


92:00 Beep-beep-beep. That's the sound of Mexico backing into the second round with a loss to a Portugal team resting five starters. On the other hand, it's the fourth straight time El Tri has advanced out of group play in the World Cup. Good for them, and for CONCACAF.

90:00 Camera pans the crowd and settles on a brunette in Mexico red. We'd say she was hot, except for the fact that she looks disturbingly like Brazil midfielder Kaka.


88:00 Boa Morte gets a yellow for a scrappy tackle on Naelson. Eighth yellow of the day, to go with one red.

85:00 Franco controls the ball well in the box, tries to turn, loses it, and then falls in a lame attempt to draw a penalty. Denied.


82:00 Iran presents a gift to Mexico by tying it up against Angola. Mexico can breathe easy for now.

80:00 Boa Morte in for Figo. Mexico brings in Franco and takes off Mendez.

78:00 Shot of Eusebio in the stands! The Black Pearl, star of the 1966 World Cup. Big Phil Scolari says, "We have Eusebio with us. He gave the players the confidence they needed to get to the next round." But can he help them with their chronic underperformance when it matters most?


75:00 Mexico corner headed out...rebound volleyed back in and blocked.

71:00 Mexico's Castro squanders an opportunity from the right flank, mis-hitting his cross into a back-pass to Ricardo.


68:00 Angola's Flavio has just scored his country's first-ever World Cup goal, putting them up 1-0 on Iran. One more from them or from Portugal and Mexico is out of the World Cup.

66:00 Tiago rips one from 25 yards, it bounces wide of the far post.

64:00 Bravo shoots high—way high—from the right flank. That was a chance to make up for the missed PK. Poor Omar. What Would Johnny Do?


62:00 Perez of Mexico is sent off with his second yellow! Apparently for diving in the box, trying to draw a second penalty kick for El Tri. Tough break for Mexico. They'll be down a man from here on out.

60:00 Calhoolio is apoplectic that he is stuck in the office for this one: "I cannot believe I didnt come in for this game. I would have been on my fifth beer already, whipping my shirt around ML-Carr-style over my head."


57:00 BRAVO SKIES IT OVER THE BAR! Choking on a golden opportunity to tie this game up. The Mexico City crowd is non-plussed.

57:00 PENALTY!! Perez cuts back in the box, Miguel slips, lands on the ball, hand-first. Ref points to the spot.


53:00 Shot of the masses in Mexico City watching the game. Maybe they should be watching Angola v Iran. So far the Angolans are cooperating: it's 0-0 over in that one.

50:00 Correction: there were three yellow cards issued in the first half. Pardo skims a free kick wide for Mexico. Calhoolio reports from a remote location: "Good to see Pardo finally in front of the cameras after all of those years doing voiceover work for NBC."


47:00 And we're back: Mexico has made a sub: playmaker Zinha in for defender Rodriguez. Feel free to read this blog in alternating voices: first as an over-excited spanish-accented announcer, then as a bored American-accented announcer. Repeat as often as needed.

46:00 HALFTIME The PH Pets are having coffee, stretching in their robes. Their comments? Fonseca has been man of the match for Mexico so far, and not just for the goal.


Our Man at the Valley: "Excellent first half. Not too much skill, but lots of goals, and lots of violence."

There have been two yellow cards. Surprising for a game in which a draw suits both teams just fine.


Lalas: "Please please please will someone put me in touch with the Portugese girl from "Love Actually"?
45:00 Pardo plays a dangerous ball into the pings around dangerously, but no one can corral it. Portugal clears in desperation. Ricardo is hurt. ... Make that "hurt."

44:00 Pardo shoots from distance! Nice diving save by Ricardo, rebound played out for a corner.


41:00 According to an "online survey," two out of three Portugese citizens expect Portugal to win the World Cup this year. According to another online survey, two out of three Portugese citizens are unaware that Portugal will play either Argentina or Holland in the next round.

39:00 Fonseca battles well for a header in the box...just wide.

36:00 Rafa Marquez has been moved up to midfield today. Rob Stone not sure it's working out for El Tri. Greg Lalas surprised Marquez hasn't kicked Figo yet. "It's almost halftime," he says.


33:00 Mexico free kick from the left side...headed over the bar for a corner. Which Mexico wastes.

29:00 GOAL!! Mexico! Fonseca skims the corner off his head just inside the far post! 2-1 Portugal.


29:00 Bravo stopped from point-blank range by Ricardo!

28:00 Portugal forces Sanchez into a great save! Rebound fired over the bar. Simao and Tiago. Hey, when the pressure's off, Portugal can play.


26:00 Our Man at the Valley weighs in from Germany: "Great call! ... I had a fight with a Mexican fan in Dusseldorf last night. He was wearing a Cuahtemoc Blanco shirt. I told him Cobi was better."

23:00 PENALTY!! Mexico called for a handball on a corner kick! Penalty kick to be taken by Simao...HE BURIES IT! 2-0 Portugal!


22:00 Marquez turns it over, Portugal has numbers on the counter...Maniche is fouled at the top of the box.

20:00 Figo with a nice run down the right wing, wins a corner for Portugal. Figo sends it in, poorly, but it comes righ back to him. He beats a defender and sends in a cross...claimed by Sanchez.


16:00 Rob Stone and Robin Fraser are our announcers today, by the way. They are approximately 35 times better than Dave O'brien and Marcelo Balboa, though Fraser's voice may not be ready for prime-time.

11:00 Portugal playing with the house's money right now. Knocking it around effortlessly. Totally relaxed.


9:00 Mexico's Omar Bravo takes down Petit. Greg Lalas weighs in from the road: "Is Omar Bravo Johnny Bravo's long-lost Libyan cousin? And does he want to be a rock star too?"

6:00 GOAL!! Maniche of Portugal— against the run of play. A great counter by Portugal, Simao squares it for Maniche, who finishes from 12 yards!


2:00 Fonseca of Mexico with a nice solo run into the box, he shoots! ... Saved by Ricardo.

Good Morning Folks, and welcome to the final game of Group D for Portugal and Mexico, kicking off at the AufSchalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen (Geusundheit.)

The Penthouse Lounge is a little subdued today (disco ball: off, music: low, Penthouse Pets: robed) because Portugal, already through to the next round, will be fielding mostly reserves for this one.


Mexico needs just a point or an Angola tie or loss v Iran to join them. The only scenario in which Mexico doesnt go through is if they lose and Angola wins big.

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