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Jalopnik's Ray Wert is a man who loves the Tigers and has fragile emotions—particularly when being left out of Gawker media bets. He was at game one of the World Series last night.

Hey, you know — what do I care about some stupid Gawker / Deadspin World Series bet anyway? I mean, so what if both Deadspin and Gawker's editors ignored the one live-from-Detroit editor in his one opportunity this year to see his city shine in the bright blog-lights. It's not like I really wanted in on some stupid bet — with my luck, I'd just end up seeing my team lose and having to write posts for Deadspin, Gawker and Jalopnik all in one day. Man, that'd suck. So there's no hard feelings from your man-in-the-D, guys — none whatsoever. I swear.

So when I was fortunate enough to have, due to some brotherly love (thank you Logan and Lauren), an extra ticket fall into my lap for game one of the first Series in Detroit in 22 years, I knew I wouldn't hold that slight against either of my colleagues. Since I knew I'd have to ask someone to be my wing-person for the game, my first thought was to try and keep things in the Gawker Media empire family.

The only problem was that I wanted someone from the Gawker employee rolls who I knew would appreciate this game as much as — and probably more than — the others. So who should I take? I was sure I'd have a great time with either of my two sports-betting co-workers, whether Cardinal fan-boy or Tigers fan-freak, but as I thought about it I realized both gawkin' Alex and deadspinnin' Will were probably too busy game-planning their respective extra 12 posts for the day in case they lost that little bet they've been having a blogasm about as of late. And that's why I chose to take someone who'd truly appreciate the experience — Metro Detroit hometown hero and alumna / former head mistress, Jessica Coen. So, sorry Alex and Will, we're sorry you were too busy working from the underground — and that you couldn't be with us, and the leatherette seats of Tiger Stadium for game one of the series — but you know, we're sure you had a lot of writing to get done.

That being said — how do you know it's the World Series? Two ways — first, whatever the temperature may be, you'll get chills from the excitement. There is an electricity in the air that you can almost taste, and you'll most certainly feel. Because unlike a game like the Super Bowl, played in some antiseptic neutral-field corporate-run environment, you're out-of-doors and steeped in the home-town high. The fans don't go to the hotel at night — they head to their own beds. It's an amazing feeling that, as I said, gives you chills from the moment you stand up in your seat and look around at the rest of your fan-friends — through Bob Seger signing his own rendition of "America The Beautiful" — and all the way until you leave at the end of the game, crying over your team's heart-rending performance.


The second way you know it's the World Series is if you decide to get up out of your seat and walk out of your section into the concession area. You'll find it to be completely dead. Every single person is glued to their seats, unwilling to leave for even a moment. You almost worry the cleaning crew will end up finding row upon row of beer cups filled with urine.

Oh and once you know it's the World Series — then being forced to watch your home team get spanked really really sucks. Check out the photo gallery below, captioned for your enjoyment, to see the sights and sounds — and flora and fauna — of Game One. We'll try to get you some game two shots by sending the little brother out with the camera today — no guarantees — but we'll try.


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