After he was hired by ESPN to be a studio analyst, former Philadelphia Eagle Hugh Douglas moved to Hartford, Conn., to be closer to ESPN's Bristol compound. Moving from Philadelphia to Hartford was a bit of a culture shock for Douglas, and he used his Twitter account to constantly update his followers on how he was adjusting, tagging each relevant tweet #HartfordLife.

What was the #HartfordLife? It was a life spent getting drunk, eating sushi on Friday, learning to love Whole Foods, and getting used to being constantly surrounded by white people. For the past year, it has been my favorite thing about Twitter. Now that Hugh Douglas is no longer employed by ESPN, I'm afraid that his #HartfordLife is coming to an end. So, as a tribute to Douglas's willingness to share his life with us, I present the best of his #HartfordLife tweets.

Here's to eternal #HartfordLife.