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Liz Cambage did not have any trouble coming up with an encore. In her first game after her record-setting 53-point performance on Tuesday, Cambage dominated again for the Dallas Wings on Thursday. In a 90-81 win against the Washington Mystics, Cambage put up 35 points on 31 shot equivalents, pairing that with a game-high 17 boards. Those 88 total points across two games are also a new WNBA best.

The unstoppable Aussie is clearly feeling it on the court, but she’s been extremely on-point in between games as well. The spotlight has reaffirmed Cambage’s status as one of WNBA’s most outspoken, charismatic, and bluntly funny players. Aside from candidly apologizing for the “ugly” game in her post-game interview on Thursday (see the video above), she took the opportunity after her Tuesday game to criticize WNBA for all the ways it falls short in its treatment of players.


“We sign million-dollar contracts in Asia and Russia and get treated like royalty, but when we’re here in America we’re flying back of the plane in economy, playing back-to back games,” said Cambage, who is folding herself into those airline seats as a 6-foot-8 center.

She also took shots at the way the WNBA is officiated, which is particularly relevant given her bruising and passionate style of play.

These quotes pair well with some pretty dang good Cambage tweets from last month, which playfully but also very seriously expressed how much it sucks to know that if she were dominating in the NBA like she is the WNBA, she’d have max-contract millions.


Keep watching Liz Cambage. And keep listening to her, too.

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