London's a Patriots town now, folks. The fans at a Trafalgar Square press conference before the Pats' overseas game against the Rams got way more than the discomfiting noises we're used to back home. First, Brady got heckled:

Brady also took the mike and was greeted by a fan who screamed, "Brady, you suck!" The quarterback replied, "I've heard worse, trust me. I've heard worse."

Then Cortland Finnegan got razzed, possibly by the same guy:

Finnegan was asked about his matchup with Welker when a fan screamed, "Welker's gonna rock you!" which drew a laugh from Finnegan and his teammates.

But the highlight of the press conference and of each attendee's life was undoubtedly the Gronk portion:

While answering a question about the Rams' defense, the crowd erupted in a "Spike the mike!" chant that caused him to stop talking, wind up and hammer the microphone into the stage, causing a huge boom on the speakers in the square. Belichick and his teammates all laughed, particularly Welker, who buckled over.


Indeed! Perfectly executed and everything. See below:

Patriots Take Center Stage In London, As Gronkowski Spikes Microphone And Brady Handles Heckler [Boston Herald]