Lonzo Ball Offers Least Enthusiastic Endorsement Of Luke Walton Possible

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As expected and possibly intended, Lonzo Ball, stateside, is having to answer for his dad’s commentary on the fit of Luke Walton as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Here we have the young man trying to navigate his way through this trial with as many clichés and platitudes as possible:

Are you fine with Luke being your coach—do you like him as a coach? is the softballest of softball questions. It is designed to get Lonzo to answer in the affirmative and say something positive about Luke Walton. Instead of doing that, Lonzo answered with “I’ll play for anybody” and “our job is to play basketball, I don’t decide who coaches.” If you are among those who are waiting or hoping for Lonzo to actively distance himself from LaVar’s routine, this is definitely not that.