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Look At Shawn Marion's Disgustingly Dislocated Pinkie

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Shawn Marion could care less that his pinkie looks like this and terrifies small children. He doesn't plan to get it fixed. He feels no pain. Good thing this is on his left hand (just saying). A few more nasty details from ESPN's Dallas outpost:

"It doesn't hurt; maybe if I bend it a certain way or something [it hurts]," Marion said as he bent and pulled and squished his pinkie as if it was made of rubber. "I got full rotation. The doctor's like, 'What are you going to do?' You look at X-rays and it's sticking off to the left, but at the same time I've got full rotation. What more do you want me to do?

"I'm good with it."

Marion said he has no plan to have the finger straightened out.

He said the finger has countless times been snagged, dragged, jammed and jimmied — so many times that the knuckle is permanently the size of a lopsided acorn. Over time, with each fresh knock, the finger continued to tick to the left like a slow-moving clock hand, only counter-clockwise.

"When did I first mess this up?" he asked himself. "When I was little, maybe. I think when I was little. Yeah, when I was little, dislocated it. Maybe 9 or 10 [years old]. I probably was playing basketball or soccer or like kickball or something — dodge ball. I don't remember. I know I was playing some kind of sport with a ball. Football. It was football, playing catch."


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