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Look At This U-18 Canadian Water Polo Player Trying To Blow Up A Vancouver Police Cruiser

There goes your scholarship, boyo. The intelligent young man you see here neglecting to cover his face with his hood but flashing some nifty Nike Dunk Highs(?) has been identified as Nathan Kotylak, who plays the sport of water polo at a very impressive level and looks remarkably at ease lighting a rag stuffed in the gas tank of a police car with dozens of people standing nearby. Some background on Kotylak:

Water Polo Canada provided this youngster with a scholarship to the University of Calgary, where the young hopelful could join the University's water polo team and study towards a university degree. He was recently added to Canada's national team and had his sights set on being an Olympian and representing Canada on the world wide stage. Now, his reputation and image will be greatly tarnished, most likely forever.


Forever, Nathan Kotylak. Forever.

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