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Look, Cretins Have Learned HTML

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We'll probably get yelled at for even linking to this, but we were so shocked by it that we decided to share our bemused outrage with you. We know all about the weird pseudo-racist underbelly of the Interweb, so we suppose it was just a matter of time until it made its way into sports. We, with much inner conflict, present to you Caste Football, a pretty blatantly bigoted "sports" site focusing on the lack of white athletes in today's sport.

Yep. According to the site, the industrial sports complex is prejudiced against the white athlete, keeping them down, forcing them into such demeaning positions like management and ownership. Yeah, that sounds kind of funny, but there's actually some real nasty shit here. To wit, from a column previewing the baseball playoffs:

"After a summer of non-stop hype over hispanic players it's time for the teams that have built mostly white ballclubs to take their winning records into the playoffs."

"Why is it that mostly white teams are the most successful? Perhaps it's because white athletes, like white people in general, are more able to see the advantages of self-sacrifice in the short term in order to achieve success in the long term."

"Fortunately the Yankees and the Angels are playing each other and one of the two least white friendly teams will be immediately eliminated."


We were going to point out their firm assertion that Billy Beane wrote Moneyball was the most intelligent thing on their page, but, frankly, we don't have the stomach for much more of any of it. We formally apologize for this post.

J.B. Cash Column [Caste Football]

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