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Look Out Behind You, Bengals; Someone's Catching Up, And They're Peeing

You know, with all this Super Bowl and Barbaro and Sean Salisbury business, we almost missed what's truly important: The San Diego Chargers are in serious danger of pulling a down-the-stretch, Barbaro-esque comeback to pass the Cincinnati Bengals for most arrests in a season. They're at eight! Look out, Bengals!

Today's lucky winner is Chargers safety Terrence Kiel, who was busted for public urination last month. He's actually responsible for two of the arrests; he's the guy who was charged with selling "prescription cough syrup to Texas, apparently to be mixed with soft drinks to make a concoction known as 'lean.'" Which would explain why he had to pee so bad.


Seriously, though, we don't see any reason this Bengals-Chargers battle shouldn't be just as compelling as whether or not Peyton Manning can get a championship ring. This is history being made, folks; just a few more days left to go.

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