Cappie Pondexter knows God has a plan. And that his plan involved punishing Japan for Pearl Harbor, with an earthquake and tsunami 70 years later.

Pondexter, who plays for the Liberty, (she does? Seems like I would have known that, with her being a pretty big name and the Liberty my local team. But no.) got around to some amateur theodicy on Saturday, ruminating on why an all-knowing, benevolent God would allow such a terrible tragedy to strike Japan. The obvious answer: they deserved it.

"Maybe god was tired of the way they treated there own people," she offered. Or, barring that, how she treated the people who really matter: the Americans. "They did pearl harbor so u can't expect anything less."

And to put the icing on her future sensitivity class coursework, she asked someone who complained about her Tweets: "r u jap?"


Pondexter seems genuinely sorry now, educating people on the inappropriateness of certain slurs, and retweeting someone calling her an "ignorant triffling uninformed hoodrat fool."

But, please, people, unity. Stand with our brothers and sisters in Japan, who need thrilling WNBA action now more than ever.


UPDATE: Via commenter ArkansasFred, Pondexter calling for the head of Don Imus after his own racially insensitive statements.

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