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Looking for Why Gators Are Dominant? It Starts In Erin Andrews' Bed

Because, you see, the team is successful because Erin has realized that if she strips the bed of all pillows and comforters then good things happen. And occasionally, for superstitious reasons, she has the other girls over for sex-toy slumber parties and they exchange lingerie tips and...this is too much for you early on Monday morning too isn't it?

Anyway, Andrews told this to the Sporting News Today:

"When watching Gator football or basketball, I have to be upstairs, sitting on my bed. My bed has to be totally cleared of the pillows, comforter and blanket. This began during Florida's run to their second basketball national championship. The team was trailing Purdue, I was so nervous and upset, I kicked everything off my bed…and they started winning. Even if I'm not home when the Gators are playing, I make sure my bed is completely cleared."


I think every other SEC fan knows what he has to do. Climb into Erin Andrews' bed on gameday. Tell your wife or girlfriend it's for the team. She'll understand. So will your parole officer. I promise.
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