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Lorenzo Cain Yosted Himself

If the Royals had lost last night, Lorenzo Cain’s disastrous attempt at bunting with a man on second and nobody out in the eighth inning of a 4-3 game would be under a hell of a lot more scrutiny today. It was a classic, self-defeating Ned Yost moment, except for the fact that it wasn’t Ned Yost’s idea.

Cain, who is one of the Royals’ most dangerous hitters and who had never attempted a sacrifice bunt before last night, admitted after the game that it was his idea to take two shots at a bunt before striking out on the third pitch:


Yeah, apologize to Ned Yost, you meanies! Although you can’t really blame anyone for ragging on Yost in the moment; the failed bunt was such a plainly terrible idea that not pinning it on Yost would have flown in the face of years and years of precedent. Shooting himself in the foot is just what Ned Yost does, and now it is apparently what Lorenzo Cain does, too. Well, maybe not anymore:

That’s what we call progress.

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