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Lou Holtz Might Be Taking Some Time Off

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So, we didn't see this live and, at 7:30 on a Friday, well, most people who handle the video uploading duties over here are out enjoying the weekend, but according to many readers, and a couple of message boards, Lou Holtz just dropped a Hitler reference during one installment of College Football Live. The context of the conversation was about Rich Rodriguez's not-so-great start as the University of Michigan's head coach and Holtz chose this phrase as part of his analysis.: "Ya know, Hitler was a great leader too." That's not a good pep talk, Dr. Lou... Rece Davis and Mark May were apparently taken a little aback. (UPDATE: Davis apparently tried to clarify what Holtz was trying to say by following up with, "You mean he (Hitler) is a bad, leader, right?" Holtz said yes. So, still kind of weird, but there was an attempt to backpedal.) As we know, ESPN doesn't tolerate Hitler references, no matter how innocent they may be, so it's safe to assume that the Hall of Fame head coach will probably be off-air for a little while or forced to issue some sort of apology. If something comes up this weekend, I'm sure our crew will be all over it. As you were....

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