Fake Lou Piniella Blasts A-Rod In Bizarre, Rambling Radio Interview

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Update: This is not Lou Piniella, it's a dumb radio bit. My mistake.

Lou Piniella sounds like a man fed up with every goddamned thing in this train-wreck interview with 750 The Game in Portland on Friday. In between talking about a charity event he is participating in and how he doesn't much like working with the kids involved, he makes a pretty bold claim about Alex Rodriguez using a "skin cream" while the two were in Seattle. He also blames his wife for leaving him alone with the kids, yells at the kids to "shut up," and generally sounds like a man at the end of his rope in this rambling 20-minute interview.


The interview starts around the 1:32 mark and he is immediately flustered and agitated. At times he compares today's players to "little girls" and "sissies" and then goes in on A-Rod, whom he managed with the Mariners from 1994 to 2000. He doesn't mention him by name but it is clear that he is talking about his former shortstop. While talking about the sissification of baseball he says he had a few players like that in Seattle, one specifically who got "his little rear end kicked out for a while because he was taking pills he shouldn't be taking." Later he also referred to a teammate of Derek Jeter's (who is, by contrast, a "ballplayer") as a "runway model" whose first name begins with the first letter of the alphabet.

He tells a story about this unnamed player—again, clearly A-Rod—who would have the trainer put "skin cream on his rear end...and he somehow convinced the trainer that it was a muscle cream." Piniella then makes it seem like he knew A-Rod was apparently doping in Seattle. Which is interesting. In response to a confrontation about the cream, Piniella said he told him to "learn to be a ballplayer and not a runway model."

There's also a bit about going to his local Walmart, lousy with brassiere-less old women, and a nude beach visit with his wife. The whole thing is just bizarre.

h/t Corey Pursel