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"Louis Slungpue" Pranks News On UCLA Flood Cause: "A Really Large Dump"

"Ah, yes ma'am, it's 'Slung-poo.'"

A huge water main break has left much of Sunset Boulevard and the UCLA campus under water. Water was gushing up to 30 feet into the air and some locals were trying to boogie board in the water (California, man). One brave man called in ABC 7 in Los Angeles and pretended to be a Department of Public Works employee named Louis Slungpue. Louis Slungpue's working theory for the cause is "either a cherry bomb or someone took a massive dump."


Slungpue leads the anchors, telling them it was cherry bomb that "popped through...and just blew the bottom right out." Slungpue said it was likely a student in the locker room.

He goes further, claiming the DPW educates college kids not to do this and then drops the "really large dump" hypothesis. At this point, one anchor realizes they've been had but the other pushes Slungpue on his really large dump theory and we get this great follow up: "are you 100 percent sure on that?"

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