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Louisville Football Player Breaks Neck Making Tackle Against Rutgers

In last night's game versus Rutgers, Louisville cornerback Anthony Conner broke his neck making a tackle. Here's now the hometown newspaper described the play:

The senior cornerback moved up to make a hit on Rutgers wideout Mohamed Sanu in the second quarter, and Sanu's knee caught Conner's helmet. Sanu flipped into the air and completely over. Conner fell to the ground and did not move. Louisville team doctor Raymond Shea sprinted onto the field as if he'd heard or seen something. For 10, maybe 15 seconds, Conner was completely motionless.


It's a horrible thing whenever, wherever an injury of that nature occurs. It also probably stings Rutgers players to see an opponent motionless on the field, like one of their own — Eric LeGrand — was with broken vertebrae almost a year ago to the day.

Heal well, and heal fast, Anthony.

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