Cradle-robbing never looked so...comely? Mexico's own Lorena Ochoa, the No. 1 ranked female golfer, has announced plans to get married. Now I know what you're thinking. LPGA star...she's gonna marry a white girl, just like Tiger, right? Actually, it's one of her sponsors.

The 27-year-old Ochoa will marry 39-year-old Andres Conesa, the director general of Aeromexico airline, one of her sponsors.

Local media reported Conesa popped the question late last month as the couple vacationed in Europe. Hola magazine's Mexico edition said the pair was planning a wedding at the end of this year.

He popped the question...and then he popped a boner. Haha, oh man, I'm so immature. Hey, I least I didn't make any housekeeper jokes.

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