In China they say that a hippopotamus in your swimming pool is a sign of good fortune and virility*. In San Diego it means that the poor big bastard needed to soak his shit out. Seriously, those wildfires will dry out your skin before you know it.

The tragedy in Southern California this week presented problems, many unforeseen and a few that are, well, downright completely bizarre. For Chargers special teams coach Steve Crosby, the effect the fire had on his house couldn't have been any wilder.

Crosby received the oddest of calls this week while the team was practicing in Arizona. Crosby's house is near the San Diego Wild Animal Park, a safari-type theme park in the San Diego area. Apparently, the fires ripped apart some openings in the park, allowing some of the animals to roam where they wanted.

Crosby received a call from his wife informing him that she walked outside to assess the damage and — get this — she found a hippopotamus in their swimming pool! A hippo! She called the authorities, who came and tranquilized the animal and removed it from their swimming pool.

As soon as he recovers from the tranquilizers he's expected to take over play calling duties for Norv Turner**.

*not true

**not out of the question