Luke Ridnour Has Now Been On Five NBA Teams In The Past Week

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Luke Ridnour was traded three times in two days last week, but before he could start preparing for life in Oklahoma City, the guard was traded again today. Apologies to any Grizzlies, Hornets, or Thunder fans who bought Luke Ridnour jerseys.

Ridnour is now a Toronto Raptor:


With a fourth trade, Ridnour’s offseason (Magic to Grizzlies to Hornets to Thunder to Raptors) is now just as impressive as Quentin Richardson’s 2009 offseason (Knicks to Grizzlies to Clippers to Timberwolves to Heat). Who knows where Ridnour will go next. Maybe he’ll show up in a blank jersey at your house with a suitcase of cash considerations.

Photo: AP

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