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Luke Walton: "Don't Touch My Damn Players"

Photo Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty

Luke Walton was not happy that a Milwaukee team official appeared to shove Brandon Ingram during last night’s tiff between the Lakers and Bucks. After Nick Young and Greg Monroe got involved in a skirmish that earned both players technicals, a larger scrum broke out and a Bucks employee in a gray suit ran out and grabbed Ingram, as you can see around the ten-second mark below:


After the game, Walton went off: “One of their employees is on the floor, and he grabs Brandon by the jersey and shoves him. Not holding him back, shoves him. And that doesn’t get addressed either? If there’s nothing wrong with that, then I have no problem finding some people to hire on our staff. The next time we get in a skirmish, I’ll keep all my players back because the fact that they don’t get in trouble for that, the refs don’t say anything about that, and he puts his hands on one of our players? He works for them. He can touch their players all he wants. Don’t touch my damn players. Because if that’s okay, I’m sure we can find a couple of people here in LA who want that job working for the Lakers, too.”

Given that the physicality of the Bucks employee is just about as much as any for which players got technicals, Walton has a point.

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