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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Via Gawker:

Illustration for article titled Madison Square Garden Company Strong-Arms Employees Into Using Vacation Days Post-Sandy

Madison Square Garden is a name so synonymous with New York City greatness and success that artists and athletes who perform there have a tendency to call it "the main stage of the world" and "a mecca." So how does Madison Square Garden treat its New York City employees, who have helped sustain its grandness, when they're down and out? By demanding they get back to work, of course.

Here's an email I received from an anonymous source that was sent out yesterday to every employee under the MSG Company umbrella, including franchises like the New York Knicks and Rangers, Fuse TV channel and the MSG Network, and venues like the Beacon Theater. The gist of the message: We know your power's out, your houses are crumbling, transportation is a mess, and that you're suffering from myriad health issues, but if you don't come to work you can kiss your vacation and personal days goodbye. (Emphasis mine)

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