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Make Your Pretend Person Lift Pretend Weights

Obviously, we're as excited about the release of Madden 2007 as anybody else, but we'll confess something: We're not as into the role-playing aspects of the game as some apparently are. We'll play exhibition games against our friends — as the Buzzsaw, of course — and if we're feeling frisky, we'll play a whole simulation of the season, but as for creating players, designing stadiums, running a front office, all that ... it kind of bores us a little, we have to admit.


We're obviously in the minority, though, as this strangely detailed clip from the upcoming XBOX version of the game, in which our unnamed fictional draftee ... bench presses for a few minutes. We guess as the player, we, what, press the turbo button a much to make him lift? Virtual weighlifting, to us, strikes us as symbolic of something frightening.

(By the way, if you're still needing your Madden fix, just type Madden into YouTube and keep yourself entertained for a while.)

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