We get it; you love Madden. You buy it every year. But wouldn't it be awesome if there were another football game available? Join this class action suit against EA, and you might get one. Or at least some cash.

There hasn't been a serious competitor to the Madden franchise since NFL 2K5. That's because EA signed a deal to license the NFL's intellectual properties, meaning real teams and players could be used in Madden — and nowhere else.

That means the only other options for gamers are failures like All-Pro Football 2K8 and Blitz: The League II, both with fictional teams and players. And who wants fictional players?

No one, says a judge. And that could mean that EA's deal with the NFL is exclusionary, and therefore a possible antitrust violation. So, if you're one of the millions of people who bought a Madden game since 2005, keep your eyes peeled. As this moves through the courts, you could have the opportunity to pretend like you were personally hurt by this, and make a little money.

Video Game Buyers Seek Class Cert. In EA Suit (Subscription required) [Law360]