A reader placed a tiny wager on what color top Reggie Bush's gilrfriend would wear to the Super Bowl. His choice? Black. It appears, in that photo, to be black. He claims Bodog.com would not pay out. Who will die?

No one, unless the aggrieved bettor has some sociopathic tendencies we're unaware of. He seems perfectly calm in this email:

Just thought you guys might be interested that Bodog is not honoring one of the more ridiculous super bowl prop bets. I bet on Kardashian to be wearing a black top. She was, but they are claiming it was brown and counting it as a loss. It's beyond ridiculous. Just thought you might be interested

Football - NFL Team Props (Prop) Moneyline
(5050) Black 21/20Super Bowl XLIV - What color top will Kim Kardashian be wearing at the Super Bowl?
Wager is on color of top and not on jacket if seperate top and jacket are shown. If two or more options are combined as the primary color on top then all wagers are no action.

Final Scores
Black 0
White 0
Any Other Color 1

Outcome: Loss

After contacting Bodog.com's representative, they contested the bet, using this footage as proof that Kardashian's top was "clearly" not black and was actually "brown/gold." However even on Lady Kardashian's own site, you can see that she's wearing a black top.


But! Good news: Bodog.com has recognized the error and will supposedly give our cranky friend up there โ€” and everyone who bet on a Kardashian black top โ€” their winnings. They made it right.

Deadspin I-Team loan sharks...at your service.

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