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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Via Reddit, here is a comically long bullwhip. But thanks to physics, the whipper necessarily becomes the whippee.

There’s a metaphor in here somewhere:


Keep trying, Bryan.

This is just the most recent video on Bryan Ropar’s World of Science and Engineering, a YouTube channel that is absolutely worth your time, even though the whip might be the only science that Bryan has scienced to completion. Here is a 10-bottle launcher that we never get to see launch:

Here is an air pressure-powered rocket cart that we never get to see rocket:

Here is one in a series of videos of Bryan designing a Gauss rifle that fires billiard balls, and right around here is when it becomes clear that these videos are chronicling the birth of a supervillain.

And here is a promised demonstration of an air cannon, called off at the last second because Bryan does not want to risk damaging any of his vast collection of plastic chairs.

Wait, you thought I was joking? Hell no. Bryan has a separate YouTube channel devoted entirely to his plastic lawn chairs.

As Bryan would say: “Hello.”

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