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Man In Mike Vick Jersey Hauls Ass To Rob Children Of Home Run Ball

Jurickson Profar hit a monstrous home run to the grassy knoll in right-center field during the Rangers game against the Padres this afternoon. Many families were enjoying a little picnic while watching a ballgame on that knoll and thought for a split second, hey, we might get a souvenir! But then Brett Michaels's roadie showed up with his Mike Vick jersey, trucker hat and glove. He cut off a couple kids and knocked another dad out of the way in securing his spring training home run ball.


While this behavior borders on the despicable, the guy actually does deserves some acclaim. Those arrows up top are his start (green) and finish (red) positions. He covers a lot of ground! And that starting arrow is only from when the camera switched angles; he probably started even farther away.

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