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Two D.C. area men bet over which team would finish with more wins in 2007, the Phillies or the Brewers. The Phillies finished with more wins. As a result, Chris Jollay, a 36 year old Brewers fan, lost and lived as a homeless man for a week.

Luckily, D.C. news WUSA-9 is all over it:

According to the bet, Jollay was allowed to carry one bag of items. Christman approved all of the items. Jollay says, he carried 12 power bars and 100-calorie snacks, a disposable camera, $20 dollars, contact lens, a marker and pen, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

"I brought a big bottle of that, just to pass the time. Especially when it was cold...made the nights go faster."


What could Jollay have won if the Brewers had finished with more wins than the Phillies? Per WUSA 9: "I would have gotten to move in with [Christman's] wife. She'd have to cook me dinner and I'd go to her slumber parties and [Christman would] move into my place," Jollay says.


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