Man Performs Feat Even More Incredible Than Making A Half-Court Shot For $1,000

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Incredible HalfCourt Shot | NBA_com (1)

No one will ever confuse me with Nate Silver, but I have to think attempting a half-court shot and having the ball firmly wedge itself between the backboard and the rim is much, much further down the list of likely outcomes than "made shot."

The list probably looks something like:

1. Air ball
2. Brick
366. Mascot in the emergency room
367. Made shot
368. Stuck between the backboard and rim


You have got to hand it to him, it is damn impressive. Unfortunately for Kevin, the game is called "Money Shot," not "do something weird, albeit impressive, with a ball" while failing to make the shot and his foot was over the half-court line—two things I'm sure someone will point out to him when he tries to collect his $1,000 check.