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Man Smashes Pads

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A man smashed some pads last night, or— as is apparently another way to say this—“blasted some mitts.”

Jon Jones, who punches and kicks people for a living, is better known lately for being placed on probation after pleading guilty to a hit-and-run. He was arrested earlier this week for allegedly violating his probation by drag-racing in Albuquerque. (I am from New Mexico and can tell you that drag-racing is far and away the best thing you could do in Albuquerque, besides leaving it quickly—but that is neither here or nor there.)

Jones spent a couple days in jail—in Albuquerque, a sort of double jail, if you will—before being released minus his driver’s license and plus some new community service and anger management class requirements.


Setbacks happen to us all, and when they do, you must, as MMA Fighting tells us, smash some pads.

When you feel you can’t smash any pads—that’s the time it’s most important to get out and smash some pads.

Jon Jones celebrates after defeating Daniel Cormier, Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015, in Las Vegas. Photo via AP Images

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