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In case you had any question about it, the man in the white jersey is Jason David, former cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts, now corner for the Saints. He went against his old team last night. That shot of him, chasing somebody who has streaked past him? There are a lot of those.

The Colts hammered the Saints in the NFL opener last night — and hey, isn't it great to see John Mellencamp back on our sports broadcasts again? — and David was the main offender, with Peyton Manning seemingly purposely picking on him. The game was noteworthy not necessarily for David's flailings as it was for the Colts' defense dominance of the Saints. We were expecting something along the lines of 41-31. We hope the Saints pick up their offense again, or they're gonna end up really disappointing those fans without homes, who are putting all their emotional health and well-being into whether or not Drew Brees can throw touchdowns.


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