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Man, Those 23 Loyal Fans Are Gonna Be Confused Now

So, if you take away a show's staff, and its location, and its format, and, lastly, its name, is it even the same show anymore? And isn't that a good thing?

According to a source close to ["Cold Pizza"], it has been renamed 'ESPN's First Take,' and will depart the Big Apple on May 4. ... This marks the first time in the history of television that a show that moves its location, does not take the majority of its staff, it's name and it's original format is not canceled. ESPN refuses to use the "C" word, but they've canceled the show."


"ESPN: First Take." We still think they should have called it "Skip Bayless Makes You Choke On Your Oatmeal." But that's us.

Cold PIzza Gets A Name Change [The Big Lead]

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