Man Utd Legend Asks City Fan Noel Gallagher To Sign Guitar, Gets Trolled

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C'mon, Gary Neville, did you really think asking Noel Gallagher—who at this point is practically as famous for being a Manchester City superfan as he is for being a member of Oasis—to autograph your guitar would end in any other way than this troll job?

Here's the text from the screed Gallagher left on the back of the former Manchester United great's axe:

Dear Gary

How many caps have you got for England!! How many do you think you deserved?? I'll tell you. Fuckin' none!!

Lots of love

Noel Gallagher


Gallagher also took the time to adorn the front of the guitar with a bunch of M.C.F.C.s:


Props to Noel. You gotta respect a man who takes sporting rivalries this seriously.