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Man, We Totally Forgot They Were Razing Yankee Stadium

Buster Olney — whom, though we occasionally make fun of him, does pretty solid work over there — reported this morning that Yankee Stadium will host the All-Star Game in 2008, the final year before the historic-mostly-as-a-70s-relic stadium shuffles off this architectural coil. (Incidentally, our our Birds are hosting the 2009 game.)


While we assume this means the ridiculously named Citifield in Flushing will be hosting in 2011 — assuming, of course, alien captors with superior technology have not overrun our planet by then, harvesting our internal organs to produce the precious fuel their planet had dried up — we wonder whether or not the Yankees overload by then will have become so official and overwhelming that an All-Star Game will be too much to tolerate. Or, more to the point, if Rudy Guiliani, deep into his run against Sen. Barack Obama for the presidency, will throw out the first pitch.

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