Nascent Blues fan Anthony Holmes, who learned about hockey when he watched Game 7 of Blackhawks-Blues last week, was St. Louis’s guest for Tuesday’s Game 3 against the Dallas Stars. He had better seats than you’ll ever have.

Holmes donned a Vladimir Tarasenko jersey and didn’t have as many questions about the rules as he did for his first game, but he seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

The Blues gave Holmes solid seats, and he wants to assure anyone who’s ever been curious that going to a hockey game is not uncomfortable:

He did have one question about hockey rules:

It does.

Holmes also liked Ryan Reaves’s fight with Curtis McKenzie:

The Blues put Holmes on the Jumbotron, and he met a couple of players after the game:

The Blues stomped the Stars, 6-1, so Holmes should be at every remaining game on the team’s dime in order for them to win the Stanley Cup.

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