Man Who Was Evicted For 1964 Olympics To Be Evicted For 2020 Olympics

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The IOC hates Kohei Jinno.

When Tokyo was awarded the 1964 summer Olympics, the 30-year-old Jinno discovered that his home and business were on the site of what would become the Olympic park. He was forced to pack up and resettle in another town for two years, until the government gave him a replacement home, on the edge of the Olympic Stadium.

Now the games are coming back for 2020, and the new Olympic Stadium is going to go right where the old one is—only it's going to be a lot bigger. Jinno's home and tobacco shop are again forfeit.

“I don’t want to see the Olympics at all,” Jinno said. “Deep inside, I have a kind of grudge against the Olympics.”


The government has offered to resettle him, but Jinno is 79 years old now—he doesn't want to go anywhere else. "Probably I may go where you cannot set up a tobacco shop," he says. That means I will lose my reason for living."