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Manchester United Supporters Distribute Ku Klux Klan-Inspired Fanzine Before Match With Liverpool

Even before the non-handshake took place, tension was high at Old Trafford. According to police, the Manchester United fanzine Red Issue, being distributed before kickoff, featured "a Ku Klux Klan-style mask, with the words 'LFC Suarez is innocent' printed below."


As you can see, the zine obviously alludes to the Suarez suspension and tidily foreshadowed the charged first meeting of the two men since Suarez referred to Evra as a "negro" several times during a match last October. Police were made aware of the zine before kickoff and took action immediately.

Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts said: 'Shortly before kick-off we were made aware that a Manchester United supporters' fanzine being sold outside Old Trafford featured a potentially offensive image.

'Officers are now seizing the fanzines and in consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service we will take appropriate action against anyone either found selling this particular fanzine or provocatively displaying the image in public.'


This whole episode has turned a high-stakes rivalry game into a circus-like sideshow. So it makes sense that both parties just want to move on with things. Suarez has since apologized for the handshake snub ("I realize I got things wrong.'') and Manchester United has accepted the apology. Based on their artwork, however, the fans might not be so quick to forget.

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