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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Manny Machado Calls Eric Byrnes And Dan Plesac The "Biggest Tools Out There"

Illustration for article titled Manny Machado Calls Eric Byrnes And Dan Plesac The Biggest Tools Out There
Photo: Victor Decolongon (Getty)

Manny Machado, while lounging at home and watching MLB Network last night, decided to pop off his shirt, log into Instagram, and get some things off his chest. What followed was a solid three minutes of Machado shitting on MLB Network commentators Dan Plesac and Eric Byrnes while pointing out the league’s double standards when it comes to punishing players.

Machado was fired up about a segment he had just watched in which Byrnes and Plesac apparently stuck up for Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick, who was suspended for two games after blowing up Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy at the plate, and then received a retaliatory plunking last night. Machado said that Plesac and Byrnes were “protecting” Marisnick, because they “got to protect their people.” He also said that he would have been suspended 20 games if he had done what Marisnick did, and pointed out that nobody seems all that interested in sticking up for him when he gets thrown at.


Machado has good reason to have it out for Byrnes, who has said some pretty inflammatory things about him in the past, including this spicy meatball:


This is a beef that seems to be based on genuine animosity, and therefore is one that we can get behind. It also helps that Byrnes is a perfect media villain, and that Machado has discovered the withering effectiveness of pronouncing his last name as “Barnes.”

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