Manny Ramirez once confused O.J. Simpson and Chad Ogea

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Manny being Manny, as ever.
Manny being Manny, as ever.
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Don’t you just miss Manny Ramirez sometimes?

Today on Dan Le Batard’s South Beach Sessions, the ex-ESPN radio host and journalist, and now the face of Meadowlark Media, was joined by television writer, producer, and baseball fan Mike Schur, along with ESPN’s Tim Kurkijan, and relived the greatness that was Manny Ramirez.

Schur, or Ken Tremendous, shared a flurry of stories at one point, before Kurkijan jumped in for some of his own. The first one occurred in the 1990s when Ramirez was a young’un in the Cleveland baseball organization alongside fellow newcomer Chad Ogea, pronounced O.J., who was a starting pitcher.

“I think [Ramirez] was in the minors or maybe he had just gotten called up,” Schur recalled. “When the O.J. Simpson thing happened, he [Ramirez] heard that the police were looking for O.J., and he called Chad Ogea and said, ‘Are you OK? The police are looking for you.’ That’s amazing.”


Schur also noted that when Ramirez was a rookie, which was in 1994, where he finished second in Rookie of the Year voting, he kinda tried to buy a $70,000 Harley Davidson with someone else’s money.


“They were in Milwaukee and he took a translator and he said he’s always wanted to see the Harley-Davidson Factory,” Schur said. “They went to see the Harley-Davidson headquarters and he was looking at this motorcycle, this beautiful enormous Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and he was like, ‘Man, I wish I could buy this.’ And the translator said, ‘Manny, you can. You’re rich. You can buy this.’ And [Ramirez] was like, ‘really?’

“I think it was like $60,000 or $70,000,” Schur continued. “So they start to go through the process with the sales and buying a motorcycle and they get to the end and Manny says, ‘Oh, I don’t have my wallet, could you give me $70,000? I’ll pay you back.”


And no, it didn’t work.

God bless Manny being Manny.