Considering he has testified under oath that he had sex with a Knicks intern in his car โ€” and then helped get her a better job! โ€” Stephon Marbury needs all the good PR he can get. Hence, those cheap sneakers he sells, which help inner city kids become more like Stephon Marbury, which is totally a good thing, right? Anyway, it's clear he wants a monopoly on the cheap shoe business.

When learning that Venus Williams was coming out with an inexpensive sneaker of her own, Marbury lashed out.

"I'm doing sneakers, so she should have been under my line," he says. "But obviously, that didn't happen." The company, clearly surprised by Marbury's comments, decided not to respond.

This makes sense: Marbury is selling sneakers; therefore, under copyright law, all sneakers should be his brand. Duh. This is why all teenagers who do it in their trucks owe Marbury a royalty. Oh, and Bill Clinton.

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