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Marc-Andre Fleury Got Busted Building A Snow Wall

When they talk about veteran savvy, they are usually referring to little (often unnoticeable) things an athlete does, gleaned through years and years of trial-and-error, but entirely legal. No more. From now on, any mention of veteran savvy will be specifically referring to Marc Andre-Fleury building a little snow wall in the crease before vacating the net.

With the Golden Knights trailing Winnipeg, Fleury was pulled for an extra skater. Before he headed to the bench, he used his paddle to make and gather a bunch of ice shavings and stack them in the goalmouth. The odds of that actually stopping a puck are slim, but considering so many empty-net attempts are shot from the defensive zone, they aren’t zero. The officials caught it and cleared it, and referee Gord Dwyer skated over to tell Fleury nice try, but don’t do that. He had to cover his face with his glove to keep from laughing.


The Jets scored two empty-netters. We’ll never know how the snow wall would have performed.

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