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March Madness On Your Phone; You're Officially Getting No Work Done This Month

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So you're at work and your bastard of a boss is monitoring your PC use? You can still watch the NCAA Tournament on your iPhone ... provided that you have WiFi access.

In its neverending effort to completely undermine workplace productivity during a recession, CBS Sports Mobile (partnered with MobiTV) is bringing all 63 games of the Div. I men's tournament to Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch with a $4.99 app. Biggest drawback: It's WiFi only; it won't work on AT&T's 3G wireless network. Second-biggest drawback: There's five seconds remaining in a one-point game, Angel McCoughtry puts up a desperation 20-footer, it looks like it could go ... oh no, call from your mom! What happened?! That's a shame.

The coolest part: AT&T customers can click back and forth between four games at once during the first round. The On Demand app also lets you check out up-to-the-minute bracket info, box scores and stats. Of course in your case, a simple text message reading "You have no chance of winning your office pool; your picks seem to have been made by a monkey" would suffice. And you could save the five bucks.

The Wi-Fi aspect sounds like it could limit the usefulness for people on the go but could make the iPhone or iTouch a nifty accessory for couch, bar or even at-the-game viewing. CBS promises in-game box scores and player stats "even as an overlay on top of the video." (Gluttons can download full-length Final Four games from iTunes the day after they're played for $1.99.)


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