Marcus Cooper Fumbles Blocked Field Goal Return At The One-Yard Line

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One of the weirdest plays of the NFL season so far just happened at the end of today’s first half in Chicago, when the Bears’ Marcus Cooper returned a blocked Steelers field goal all the way to the one-yard line. Cooper slowed up right at the end of his journey, and the special teamer suffered the consequences. He was stripped and saw his six points go right out the back of the end zone.

After much deliberation, the officials awarded the ball to the Bears at the one, where they were still able to kick a field goal. (The Steelers, though, had to rush back out to the field after initially heading to the locker room for halftime.)


You know, sometimes, when trying to describe a play like this, English just fails to do it justice. Let me turn it over to a more poetic language: