The message translates to "The moment Balotelli tries to steal my girlfriend :( #WhatShouldIDo?" He obviously answered his own question: blow up Balo's spot on Twitter.

The tweet caught on in Iceland, and young Jonatan received a number of interview requests, according to his Twitter timeline. Apparently the girl chose him, and the couple are still happily together.


But there's more. Seeing Balotelli's behavior on social media, another Icelandic girl decided to bust Super Mario for the time he tried to slide in her IG DMs:


A translated explanation she gave to Fó

"'It started so I tried to post and wanted to see if he would answer,' said Ms Iris in conversation with Fó tonight. 'I was very much surprised that he answered. So the day after, he sent me out of the blue what number I'd like.' Balotelli seems to be very fond of the local girls. 'All girls there are so beautiful,' said Balotelli include in conversation with Margret, and had the girls from Iceland."


Smooth, Balo. Smooth.

Anyway, Balotelli seems to have taken it all in stride. This all came out a couple days ago and Balotelli has since returned to Instagram, posting another set of DMs he'd just been involved with:


Verdict: Balotelli is still good at Instagram.

[101 Great Goals | Fótbolti]

Top photo: Getty Images