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Mario Balotelli Does Thing

Things seemed to be looking up for Mario Balotelli. First, he won a transfer to AC Milan, putting the Italian striker back in his home country. Then he scored twice in his debut for i Rossoneri.

The bliss could not last. But for once, it's not Balotelli's fault; in this case of Mario Balotelli Does Thing, the "thing" is "be racially abused by his boss."


That's Paolo Berlusconi you see up there. He's Silvio's brother, publisher of a right-wing newspaper, and AC Milan's vice president. You last saw him a week ago, defending his brother when at an International Holocaust Day remembrance Silvio spoke of his admiration for Benito Mussolini. In the video you see above, here's what Paolo's saying (as translated by International Business Times):

Let's go and watch our household's little nigger [...] The girls here are all invited as well. They can have the chance to meet with Silvio Berlusconi.


Given that Balotelli's threatened to kill anyone who racially abuses him in the past, this might make for some pretty awkward future contract discussions; alternatively, Paolo's newspaper might have a sensational new murder case to splash across its front page.

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